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Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, Storyteller & Futurist

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Specialist Subjects

  • From Citizens to Netizens: How We Build Future Societies
  • Avatar Economy: Enabling the Impossible
  • Transcendent Storytelling: The Power of Building Loyal Fans (Aka Lifetime Customers)
  • The Future of Fashion: Selling Clothes or Your Brand Is No Longer the Key to Staying Relevant
  • Human Evolution
  • The Future of Business
  • Avatar Economy
  • The Disruption of Everything
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Transcendent Storytelling
  • The Future of Fashion & Luxury


  • English


Visionary, Storyteller, Serial Entrepreneur, Futurist.

Bestselling Author, ranked among the top 50 thought leaders on the Metaverse worldwide.

From 2019 to 2021, LinkedIn ranked him among the top 1% of marketing professionals, and his name dominates the first five pages of Google.

In 2021, he introduced the Avatar Economy as the ultimate solution for building sustainable and inclusive work and lifestyle environments.

He is the founder and CEO of NTZNS (NeTiZeNS) Metaverse Creative Studio, where real AI Avatars are created in the Netizens World, the only social and business Metaverse space that simulates future societies and provides sustainable business opportunities under the principles of the Avatar Economy.

In 2023, NTZNS was awarded a place in the top 100 innovative tech companies worldwide.

Costantino is an inspirational and provocative speaker who captivates his audience with his unique performances, leading them to shift their mindset, move out of their comfort zones, and take action.

Costantino has been assigned by the Metaverse Fashion Council as Head of Designers, Startups and AI Film producers for the Metaverse Fashion Week 2024 (MFW) in San Francisco. His purpose is to connect investors with creators and big brands with tech conglomerates like Apple, Meta, NVIDIA, Roblox and others. As technology is the new fashion, Silicon Valley in San Francisco is the place to be!

Popular Talks by Costantino Roselli

From Citizens to Netizens: How We Build Future Societies

We used to be hunters, searching for our food to survive each day. We learned how to cultivate the earth and became farmers, building societies around fields, water, and shorelines. And then the industrial revolution came to simplify our work by using machines instead of our hands, leading to the creation of factories and cities, making us all citizens. Today, technology has replaced the factory. It fits into our backpacks and has taught us that physical presence is no longer necessary to perform our tasks. Rather than constructing cities around factories, we now build networks. As a result, we are Netizens, valuable nodes within vast human networks represented by AI-driven multi-personality avatars. Netizens recognize the digital realm as an integral part of our reality, with digital assets holding the same value as physical ones. We refer to this digital reality as the Metaverse. For the first time in human history, we have a new, independent world developing alongside our own, offering boundless possibilities, 97% sustainability, 100% inclusivity, and endless market opportunities. Those who grasp this concept have the potential to become the next billionaires or\and saviors of the world!

Avatar Economy: Enabling the Impossible

A teen with a passion for heading a luxury fashion company needs to spend a huge amount of money, study, and work for 10 to 15 years, with only 1% chance of success. And this is what we call normality because each of us has done it. On the other hand, a 15-year-old kid in Argentina created a sustainable, profitable business with 300,000 customers, selling 1,000 items per day, and generating $25,000 in monthly revenues, spending almost zero money without leaving her room. While we believe that our business processes are perfect, a new generation is dismantling them to enable the impossible. Can this new process work for all types of businesses? Can we build new business products in these new environments and processes? What is the guarantee of success? The answer to all is yes, only if we have the courage to allow a mindset shift.

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