Christine Armstrong – Keynote Speaker

Researcher, Author and Vlogger on the future of work

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Specialist Subjects

  • Productivity Paradox
  • Communication Overload
  • The Challenges of Boundaries and Flexible Work
  • Burn Out and Resilience


  • English


A researcher, author and vlogger on the future of work.

Christine examines the new challenges to the old ways of doing business with world class data, her own interviews and a huge dose of energy. Her focus includes the six new models of work, the productivity paradox, communication overload, the challenges of boundaries and flexible work, burn out and resilience.

She previously co-founded Jericho Chambers, an early example of flexible and hybrid work and has written regularly for the Times, Telegraph, Management Today. Before that she was a researcher and presented insights around the world for advertising agency BBDO.
She is also the author of ‘The Mother of All Jobs: how to have children and a career and stay sane(ish)’, published by Bloomsbury. The book is based on six years of interviews with working parents, employers, leadership experts and carers. The book was a finalist in the Business Book UK awards 2019.
Christine and her team are currently researching employee’s response to the cost of living crisis and the predicted downturn.

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