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Founder of Fix the News, Economist and Journalist

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Possibility of Progress
  • Full Stack Human


  • English


Dr Angus Hervey is an economist and journalist, and the founding editor of Fix The News, an independent media company that reports on rising living standards, global health, human rights milestones, clean energy, scientific breakthroughs and conservation victories. He is one of the world’s leading experts on the topic of human progress, and his weekly email newsletter is regarded as one of the internet’s most authoritative and comprehensive sources of good news.

Dr Angus Hervey has spoken at hundreds of events on five different continents, showing how, despite numerous setbacks, humanity is still rising to meet many of the big challenges of our time. His presentations distill powerful, data-driven stories from around the world into a succinct snapshot that connects audiences to the bigger picture, and gives them intelligent reasons to believe that progress is not only possible, but happening all around us. He holds a PhD in Government from the London School of Economics.

Popular Talks by Angus Hervey

The Possibility of Progress

Whether or not you believe the world is doomed might depend on where you get your news, says economist and journalist, Angus Hervey. In this presentation, he delivers data-driven stories of progress from around the world that most mainstream media organizations miss – from rising living standards, public health and human rights, to progress in clean energy, scientific breakthroughs and conservation victories — and shows why these stories are so often ignored as part of the current global conversation. Audiences will come away with a more balanced understanding of how, despite numerous challenges, including climate change and geopolitical conflict, the world is changing for the better, and why it’s crucial for today’s business leaders to pay more attention to such occurrences. “If we want more people to devote themselves to the task of making progress, then maybe we should be telling more people that it’s possible to make progress.”

Full Stack Human

The future belongs to the Full Stack Human, a term inspired by computer programmers who are the Swiss army knives of the development world. Fluent in both culture and code, they’re able to work across the entire development process. From the front to the back end, they can seamlessly transition from one environment to the next. They’re driven by a boundless sense of curiosity— it’s not enough to know that something works, they need to understand the how and why behind each functionality. In this presentation, Dr Angus Hervey explores how the same, Full Stack concept applies to our lives. Audiences will learn why using a full stack of systems – carefully curating your information diet, applying new approaches to problem-solving techniques, and harnessing the power of storytelling – can be a crucial driver of success in today’s world. 

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