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Founder of Self Leadership International, President of the Professional Speakers Association of Spain, Author of The New Leadership Playbook and Self Leadership, Award Winning Coach and a Recognized Expert on Self-Leadership and Leading Others

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  • Accelerating Results through Self-leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching solutions


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Leadership is a conversation – a conversation that leads to the right behaviors, behaviors that deliver results. ‘The New Leadership Playbook: Being Human While Driving Accelerated Results’ is the latest work by Andrew Bryant, and it is changing the conversation about leadership in a post-pandemic and digital world.

With over 130 research papers referencing Andrew Bryant’s work on self-leadership, and a 25-year history as a leadership practitioner and coach to disruptive Silicon Valley software companies and complex multinationals, the founder of Self Leadership International, Andrew Bryant has the insights and experience to make an impact.

English by birth, Australian by passport, Brazilian by wife, and now living in Portugal after 17 years in Asia, Andrew is truly an international keynote speaker.

Andrew can tailor his signature keynote presentation to highlight the conversations your leaders need to have to accelerate results.

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Accelerating Results through Self-leadership

If you don’t deliver results, you will fail; but if you attempt to deliver results at the cost of your or your employee’s psychological safety, you will eventually fail.

Andrew Bryant wrote ‘The New Leadership Playbook: Being Human Whilst Successfully Delivering Accelerated Results’ to address this challenge.

The book informs the speech and contains seven leadership principles and twelve leadership plays (conversations) that address today’s leadership challenges.

This engaging keynote, which will be tailored to the audience, contains Andrew’s Leadership Accelerator model that allows participants to immediately see their roadblocks to results, and how to overcome them.

The Audience will Learn:
– Self-leadership means accepting responsibility for your results. You don’t blame other people and you don’t make excuses. This can be challenging during times of uncertainty; however, a self-leader sees options and grasps opportunities when others are waiting to be rescued.

– We are born into a frame of mind that is reinforced by our early experiences, and education. Unless we become aware of these frames of mind and take ownership, we will be destined to firefighting one issue after another until we are exhausted.

– You can’t lead others unless you first lead yourself. As you increase your self-awareness and embrace self-learning, and self-regulation you will get results.

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