Dr. Amanda Potter – Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker, Host of The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast, CEO & Co Founder of Zircon BeTalent and Chartered Psychologist

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Specialist Subjects

  • Trust and Psychological Safety
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Creating Positive Habits
  • How to have Courageous Conversations
  • Conscious and Compassionate Leadership
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability


  • English


Dr. Amanda Potter is on a mission to transform how organisations optimise their greatest asset: their people.

As the founder and CEO of Zircon Management Consulting Limited, a premier global talent consultancy, and co-founder of BeTalent Limited, a trailblazing platform for talent assessment and development, Dr. Amanda has led the charge in revolutionising how businesses approach talent management. Her expertise as an Executive Coach has propelled clients such as Santander, Global Payments, William Hill 888, Brooks Macdonald, Philips, AtkinsRéalis, Environment Agency, Network Rail, Dentons, and many, many others towards accelerated growth and transformation.

With a captivating blend of charm and credibility, Dr. Amanda graces international stages, delivering keynotes and workshops that empower audiences with actionable insights into the psychology and neuroscience behind behavioural change highlighting topics such as:

• Psychological safety

• Resilience

• Avoiding burnout

• High performing teams

• Self-belief

• Impostor moments

• Overcoming procrastination

As host of the popular podcast The Chief Psychology Officer, she blends humour and warmth with psychologist-led research while engaging in conversations with notable guests like Joe Wicks the Body Coach, and Martin Bromiley OBE.

Recognised as a fellow of the Association of Business Psychologists (ABP) and an Associate Fellow of the Division of Occupational Psychology within the British Psychological Society (BPS), Dr. Amanda’s commitment to excellence in psychology has earned her esteemed accolades, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the ABP.

On stage, Dr. Amanda bridges the gap between science and practice, infusing her presentations with entertaining and thought-provoking insights grounded in neuroscience and rigorous research. Driven by a passion for knowledge, she pushes the boundaries of business psychology in a way that takes her audience along for a journey of self-discovery.

Dr. Amanda’s pioneering guidance will lead your audience to profound revelations, igniting “Aha” moments of inspiration along the way.

Popular Talks by Dr. Amanda Potter

Trust and Psychological Safety

In an enlightening discussion on the pivotal role of trust in fostering psychological safety within teams, Dr. Amanda explores the correlation between psychological safety, innovation, and team performance. This talk presents compelling evidence for why trust is truly the cornerstone of team effectiveness and the foundation of psychological safety in teams. Perfect for anyone wishing to encourage a culture of open communication, challenge and innovation within their organisation with practical strategies to enhance trust levels that do not include trust falls!

Avoiding Burnout

An exploration of the physiological and neurological reactions to stress: What does neuroscience say about how you can cope effectively with stress and improve your resilience? What are the physiological and neurological reactions to stress, and the emotions we feel as a result? Dr Amanda explores answers to these questions to help the audience understand the chemical response to stress and outline proactive measures to mitigate burnout risks and thrive in challenging circumstances. The audience will feel empowered by learning ways they can train their brains to calm the stress response and feel happier and stronger in times of difficulty.

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