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The Entrepreneur’s Godmother

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Specialist Subjects

  • Intrapreneurship – improving performance by cultivating entrepreneurial thinking
  • Secrets of Successful Sales
  • The Art of Getting What You Want
  • Big Ball theory
  • The Three What’s Every Business Needs
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Change is the only Constant


  • English


Alison Edgar MBE also known as “The Entrepreneur’s Godmother” to a plethora of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, brings a matchless amalgamation of outside of the box thinking, insight, and knowledge to large organisations.

Starting her business at age 46, Alison Edgar was in the shoes of the delegates for most of her life. In a world full of conference speakers, she is a relatable figure for audiences around the globe providing them with lasting impact. She champions that no barrier should hold you back from achieving your goals, be it age, race, gender, or disability.

Her teachings have pioneered culture change, enhanced performance, and transformed mindsets within her five-star global clientele such as Sky, Würth, EasyJet, and The Discovery Channel, where she has delivered her world-class ‘Intrapreneurship’ methodology to enhance the development of teams by helping employees to think like entrepreneurs. Other clients include The European Commission, The National Lottery, and SimpliSafe.

In 2020, Alison Edgar received an MBE for recognition of her long-term services to entrepreneurship and business, which continues to inspire her methodologies. She is a contributor to BBC TV and Radio and has recently become a business mentor on a new Amazon Prime UK & US TV show airing in 2022.

A dyslexic author of two international best-selling books, ‘Secrets of Successful Sales’ and ‘SMASH IT! The Art of Getting What YOU Want’, Alison has mastered the balance of how to enhance readers’ personal and professional development. Her debut book was not only a WHSmith Top Ten Business Book but named one of the top books written by a woman in 2019 by The Independent.

Based on her books and TEDx, Alison’s talks motivate the audience to stop procrastinating, take action, and ultimately ‘SMASH IT!’. Using unique and contemporary methods combined with her energetic and witty delivery style Alison never fails to wow the audience.

Popular Talks by Alison Edgar

Intrapreneurship – improving performance by cultivating entrepreneurial thinking

Using the What Would I Do If It Was My? methodology. This is a thought-provoking session looking at –

  • What would I do I it was my first day? A deep dive into growth mindset and positivity
  • What would I do if it was my Grandmother? Giving an overview of DISC behaviour techniques and how to use them to exceed internal and external customer expectations.
  • What would I do if it was my business? looking at cost/profits, sales/customer service and management of time to improve productivity and well-being.

Secrets of Successful Sales

Based on WHSmith top 10 business book and Amazon #1 Best Seller, this talk teaches The Four Key Pillars of Sales gives sales teams a proven methodology to increase sales.

  • Behaviours
  • Process
  • Strategy
  • Confidence

The takeaway for the audience is to think like STARS:

Stay positive
Always Positive
Resilient = SUCCESS

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