The future of transportation is a broad and varied subject, from the considerations of global warming and how we power our vehicles, to driverless cars and high speed travel.

With growing concerns over global warming and the future of our planet, transportation and how we power our global movement has never been more important. With many scientists putting a 10 to 20 year window on making significant changes, what does the future of transport look like?

Well, not only significant changes to how we power vehicles, but also how they themselves are controlled will see huge change in the coming years. Most commercial vehicles now come with driver assist features, such as a parking or braking assist. But how long would it be until human interaction is no longer required at all? Tesla, for example, have said 2020 will be the year they launch a level 5, fully automated vehicle, while Nissan have already begun trialing autonomous taxis in Yokohama, Japan.

It is not only cars that could see huge change in the coming decades. Magnetic levitation trains have seen growth, and by the mid 2020s a high speed service in Japan will see the 350km journey between Tokyo and Nagoya halved to just 40 minutes.

These changes to transportation and how we move around will have huge impacts on business and life in general. How would fully automated transport lorries impact on the global movement of goods? High speed travel would open up greater opportunities for business and employment. Our keynote speakers are all experts in this field and their varied backgrounds ensure that no matter your interest, we will have an expert perfect for you. Below we have listed some of our most popular speakers, but if you had a particular speaker in mind please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Transportation Keynote speakers