The Euro was introduced to the world’s financial markets as an accounting currency on 1st January 1999, and then as a physical currency three years later. Since then it has grown to become the second-largest reserve currency as well as the second-most traded currency in the world (after the United States Dollar). Like the Dollar, the Euro is managed by one central bank, the European Central Bank. However, being shared by 19 countries complicates its management.

It was designed to bring the European Union closer together, but many feel it has actually done the opposite. After nearly a decade of growth, the initial unity has been replaced with dissent and prospective exits. The inability of the eurozone to match the recovery in the USA and UK has exposed its governing structures, institutions and policies as dysfunctional and called into question the viability of a common currency shared by such different economies as Germany and Greece. This has been seen more recently with the ongoing Brexit debates.

The Euro's importance in the world market means that staying up to date with its predicted growth and decline is crucial for business. We have a range of expert keynote speakers whose backgrounds and experiences can help bring you and your team up to speed with current issues and predicted changes. From former national European leaders to economists and bankers, we have listed some of our most popular keynote speakers below. However, if you had a particular speaker in mind then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Our most requested Euro Keynote speakers