Brexit is currently one of the most debated topics within the UK, and with good reason as Brexit could have an unparalleled impact on future generations. Leaving the EU and single market will significantly affect every aspect of society. With Brexit negotiations stalling and a no deal looking more likely, debates and opinions are only becoming more heated.

It can be difficult to fully understand what Brexit is and why it has occured. Our keynote speakers are all experts in this field and will be able to look at this subject in depth, helping your audience to understand what Brexit means for the USA and it’s potential pros and cons for the UK and EU. A complex subject that encompasses a range of factors from national identity to social and economic hardships, Brexit is a topic that will be spoken about for generations.

Below we have some of our most requested keynote speakers on the topic of Brexit. If you had a speaker in mind who isn’t listed please contact our team.

Our most requested Brexit Keynote speakers