With around 60% of the world's population, Asia is a major player in the world’s economy and future development. Japan and South Korea are leaders in AI and robotics, and in recent years we have seen some truly amazing technological advances emerging from these nations. China’s economic boom over the last few decades has launched it to a world superpower. India are also close behind with significant economic growth each year.

For any company who wish to be a global influence, or would like to have links to the impressive Asian market, knowing more about the region is crucial. We have a range of keynote speakers who are experts on the region, each with experience and insights into different sectors. Examples include former financial ministers and government officials who can delve into subjects like China’s economic growth and how it competes with the US economy, technology experts, authors and even former Prime Ministers and Presidents.

If you are interested in booking a keynote speaker for a conference on Asia, it’s economy, culture or history then please feel free to browse our speakers below or contact our team for additional information.

Our most requested Asia Keynote speakers