Vladimir Pozner – Keynote Speaker

Appeared on television to represent and explain the views of the Soviet Union during the Cold War

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Specialist Subjects

  • Media
  • International Relations
  • Russian History
  • Russian Culture


  • French


Vladimir Pozner is Russia’s most celebrated media figure who hosts his own TV interview show and has interviewed a host of famous individuals including Hillary Clinton, Alain Delon, President Dimitri Medvedev and Sting.

Pozner has appeared on a wide range of networks including NBC, CBS, CNN and the BBC. He has worked as a journalist, editor (Soviet Life Magazine and Sputnik Magazine), TV and radio commentator in a long career covering all major events in Russia. He has co-hosted programs with Phil Donahue in New York City and the first, called “A Citizen’s Summit,” was supported by President Gorbachev.

Pozner is also a celebrated author having had his book own book published in 1990, “Parting With Illusions”, which became a national bestseller and was on The New York Times list for 12 weeks.

He was the president of the Academy of Russian Television and is the dean of The Pozner School of Television Journalism. Mr. Pozner has also gained national standing for his activities in combating AIDS in Russia.

Vladimir Pozner has won multiple Soviet, Russian, and American awards, including three Emmy certificates; nine TEFY awards (the Russian equivalent of the EMMY), the NIKE national film award and several international awards. He is internationally recognized and ranks among the most respected people in the television profession in Russia today.

Thanks to his experience, activities, and knowledge of several languages, Pozner has broad contacts in the world of politics, finance, culture and, of course, communications. He is trilingual (English, French, Russian) and holds three passports (U.S., French, Russian).

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