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  • Connection in the Workplace
  • The connection paradox
  • Beyond small talk


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Norwegian born Unni Turrettini grew up feeling as if she didn’t fit in anywhere. As a young woman, she was eager to travel and find her home. She spent more than twenty years – in the United States, France, and Switzerland – searching for belonging, but it was only after she started researching mass killers in connection with her first book that she realized how big of a problem loneliness is. Today, loneliness is the fastest growing epidemic on our planet, with enormous consequences to our health and productivity.

As a speaker and trainer, Unni uses her expertise and method to help leaders and teams increase engagement, performance, and wellbeing. “We need to change our perception of the workplace,” she says, “from a place of work to a tool for connection.”

An authority on human connection, Unni appears regularly in the media, including on ABC, FOX, BBC, and in The World Today, Huffington Post, NY Post, The Progressive, and WWD. She is also a repeat guest on the James Altucher Show and was named One of 22 Women To Watch in 2022 by Brown Brothers Harriman.

Unni engages with storytelling, provocative statistics, and brain science, leaving participants feeling uplifted, refreshed, and empowered – and with simple tools they can start using immediately to experience change in their lives.

With law degrees from Norway, France, and the United States, Unni is a member of the New York Bar, and worked in law and finance for nearly a decade before becoming a full-time writer, speaker, executive coach and trainer. She now lives in Oslo, Norway, and takes regular plunges in the fjord during winter, drinks too much coffee, and has a soft spot for dogs.

Popular Talks by Unni Turrettini

Connection in the Workplace

How to enhance talent retention and improve wellbeing without negatively impacting performance or productivity.

According to McKinsey, 40% of all people are unhappy at work, and 79% are disengaged. We, as a society, have never been more disconnected than we are today, which makes us disengaged, depressed, and lonely. We don’t need to compromise on profitability, but we do need to understand the basics of human connection and learn how to amplify it to thrive. The Power of Human Connection presentation uncovers the keys to creating more human connection at work and in life and seeks to help leaders and teams experience more joy, fulfillment, and success.

The connection paradox

How technology is bringing us closer while keeping us apart.

It’s never been easier to travel and visit family and friends, or to connect via social media. Yet, we’ve never been lonelier. In this program, Unni uncovers how to use social media to form deeper connection and create relational energy. We don’t need to limit screen time or stop using AI to feel connected, but we do need to understand the basics of human connection and learn how to amplify it to thrive.

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