Tinaz Titiz – Keynote Speaker

Former Minister of Culture of Turkey and Chairman of White Development Foundation

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Specialist Subjects

  • Europe
  • Management
  • Politics


  • Turkish


Tinaz Titaz was Minister of Culture and Tourism in Turkey and is now Chairman of White Point Development Foundation which helps develop individual’s ability to solve problems. Tinaz was a top level executive in the public and private sector for many years. He was an MP three times, as a representative from Istanbul, Zonguldak, and Ankara, and was appointed State Minister and Minister of Culture and Tourism from 1985-9.

After leaving politics, he dedicated himself to the advancement of Turkish society. He is a published author, including Sorun Nasil Cozulmez [How Not to Resolve a Problem], and Farzedin ki Hindiyiz! [Just Assume we are a Turkey!].

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