Thomas Jankovich – Keynote Speaker

Associate of FutureWorld, leader of the Innovation Practice at Deloitte Consulting South Africa

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Specialist Subjects

  • Future
  • Innovation
  • Generating opportunities
  • Management


  • English


Thomas has been an associate of FutureWorld, a global business and technology think tank for the last 8 years.

At FutureWorld, Thomas has been part of a core team that built a unique Deloitte Innovation business to the point where it is regarded as a global leader in its field. With a passion for “Innovating at the rate of change”, he consults widely to blue-chip multinational clients on how to achieve sustainable profitable growth through innovation. His experience has also transformed many Deloitte Country practices around the globe by helping them offer similar services in their regions.

After being educated as a Social Scientist, Thomas gained significant experience in investment banking having worked for many years in London for companies such as Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank.

Having a keen interest in what drives client choice in highly competitive environments, he focussed his energy in the early iterations of Customer Relationship Management and Innovation which led to a move away from banking to focus on strategy consulting. Working for a boutique strategy consultancy based in England, he generated significant insights into how companies leverage innovation to generate new profits and growth, and how they avoid the pitfalls of “Next Best Thing” strategies.

Because of the “virtual” nature of FutureWorld, he maintains a full time role as leader of the Innovation Practice at Deloitte Consulting South Africa which also involves a global role for Strategic Innovation Management across Deloitte.

As an Innovation Management Expert he brings a unique beyond-the-obvious approach to innovation in order to augment his experience as a Futurist, investment banker and corporate strategist. Thomas engages directly with Executive Management teams of large complex organizations to discuss strategic options, future scenarios and the mechanics of implementing company-wide programs to source, prioritise and convert ideas into significant revenue generating opportunities on a sustainable basis.

Although based in South Africa, Thomas has been deployed globally to assist both Deloitte practices and large multinational clients.
Thomas is also widely quoted in global media on the topic of Innovation Management expert and professional and has spoken at events in Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Japan, USA and South Africa.

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