Shefaly Yogendra – Keynote Speaker

Shefaly is founding COO at Livyora, a fine jewellery company in London.

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Specialist Subjects

  • Risk Paradigms
  • Two countries divided by more than a language.
  • Social Media
  • Communication styles of Mobile progressives
  • Work Life Balance


  • German


Shefaly Yogendra specialises in decision-making. Combining her extensive commercial experience with strong conceptual frameworks and with stories from having lived and worked on 3 continents, she engages her audience, and leaves them thinking as well as entertained.


Shefaly is the co-founder of Livyora Limited, a fine jewellery company in London, and a teacher of multidisciplinary and creative thinking. Earlier she worked in corporate venturing and risk assessment for investors in emerging economies. She has a PhD in decision-making from the University of Cambridge, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a first degree in Electronics Engineering.


Shefaly Yogendra is deeply interested in fine arts, architecture, poetry, couture and the creative history of the world. She is at home in half a dozen languages, but partial to poetry in Urdu. She is an avid practitioner of Pilates, an experimental baker and a learner pianist. She reads extensively.

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