Samina Ansari – Keynote Speaker

Founding Director of Avyanna Diplomacy and former UNWomen

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Specialist Subjects

  • What can the world learn from the women of Afghanistan?
  • At the current rate of progress it takes 267 years to close the economic gender gap
  • The geopolitical picture: Russia, Afghanistan and the USA
  • What is social sustainability? Stories from social entrepreneurs around the world
  • Is the metaverse inclusive? Communities without borders
  • The Women, Peace and Security agenda: What has been achieved the last 20 years?
  • Foreign aid: Soft power diplomacy?


  • English


Samina Ansari is an Afghan-Norwegian social sustainability expert with great knowledge in inclusive growth, geopolitical risk and cyber security. Her education background includes Cyber Security and Law from the University of Oslo and University of Maastricht and a degree in Diplomacy from Sciences Po, Paris.

Samina Ansari has decade-long experience working with sustainability, and has implemented projects within peace and stability, diversity and inclusion, human rights and inclusive growth for the EU, UN, NATO and Goldman Sachs in the USA, Europe and Central Asia.

Samina Ansari last project was in Kabul, Afghanistan where Samina worked on the political and economic role of women. Including supporting women’s meaningful participation in the Afghan peace process with the Taliban from the period 2018-2021.

Samina is currently in Oslo and works with questions related to geopolitical risk, cyber security and social sustainability for the public and private sector. In addition, she leads the business Avyanna, which supports social entrepreneurs in the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe. She also holds multiple board positions such as the Chairwoman of Scandinavias first metaverse company The MOON and Norway’s Afghanistan Committee.

Samina is passionate about importing perspectives and models between countries and sectors to address inclusive growth in a planet for everyone. Samina is an experienced speaker who has, among other things, given two TEDx talks. She holds presentations in Norwegian, Dari and English, and can also be a moderator or panelist.

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