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Global Strategist, AI/Big Data Geek, Curious Polymath, Skeptical Optimist

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Age of Exponentials
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Liquid Neural Networks
  • Big Data
  • Innovation & Digital Experience
  • Future of Everything
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)



  • English


Roy Vella is a well-known digital strategy expert, professional speaker, and independent Non-Exec Director, Advisor & Consultant to enterprises large and small. As a resourceful Stanford JD/MBA and US/UK citizen, Roy has proven complex problem-solving skills and global execution delivering high-growth, digitally-driven teams.

Roy Vella runs a management consultancy providing strategic advice and commercial services to digital leaders globally, particularly as an expert in the deeptech, fintech, smart home industries. In EMEA, he engaged many notable, brand name clients as well as many London-based incubators and their fast-growing European startups.

Popular Talks by Roy Vella

The Age of Exponentials

The most common refrain about AI over the last year has been shock and dismay at the rapid development of AI’s capabilities on so many fronts seemingly simultaneously. Anyone who hasn’t followed the decades of diligent work in machine learning and big data would be surprised, of course. Particularly as cutting edge AI tools became available to quite literally everyone from a variety of sources. The explanation is all about exponentials. That is, an exponential curve is quite boring for most of its early existence. But as you enter the elbow, things get exciting and, it feels like it’s happening quite quickly. The fundamental nature of exponential curves and the ability to process at scale explains precisely what we’re all experiencing in the last year. And it’s only just begun.

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