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Bestselling Author, Asia Expert

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Specialist Subjects

  • Economies of the Asia Pacific Region
  • Rise of China and India
  • Global Economic Trends
  • Doing Business in Asia


  • English


Robyn Meredith is one of the world’s best-respected Asia analysts through her work as an award-winning foreign correspondent and best-selling author of the definitive book on India and China, “The Elephant and the Dragon: The Rise of India and China and What it Means for All of Us.” Robyn is a veteran of Bloomberg TV, Forbes Magazine and The New York Times. She is based in Hong Kong.


A seasoned business journalist with more than a decade’s experience reporting on global business and economic trends from Asia, Robyn Meredith served for two years as Asia Correspondent for Bloomberg Television, where she interviewed heads of state and global CEOs.


Prior to joining Bloomberg Television in January 2011, Robyn Meredith served as Senior Editor, Asia for Forbes, also based in Hong Kong, where she covered economics, global finance, Asian markets and foreign policy. Robyn joined Forbes in April 2000 as the magazine’s Detroit Bureau Chief and moved to Hong Kong in 2001. For Forbes, Robyn wrote cover stories on General Motors, Microsoft, Sony, Kodak, Toyota, Philips, Ratan Tata, Li & Fung, and Infosys. One of her articles was included in the 2002 Edition of the book “The Best Business Stories of the Year.”


Robyn spent five years covering Detroit for The New York Times before her time at Forbes. As a writer for USA Today and American Banker, her compelling reporting exposed a pattern of insider deals at savings and loans that led to an overhaul of U.S. banking regulations governing initial public offerings after four Congressional hearings.


Speech Topics:

The Future of China
China’s new President, Xi Xinping, is pushing for changes that come with profit potential as well as pitfalls for global business. Beijing is heading in a new direction, including pushing China to go beyond being “Factory to the World,” and that means more competition for Western companies. At the same time, Chinese are spending more, and for some industries China has already become the world’s biggest market. To prosper, business leaders must understand where China is heading.


Japan’s Jump-Start: Abenomics
Japan has launched a dramatic turnaround attempt known as Abenomics, which aims to restore economic growth after two painful lost decades. The most controversial part of Abenomics is a vast money-printing effort intended to jolt the country out of deflation – one that so far has yielded mixed results.


Navigating Globalisation
Globalisation is reshaping everything from business to the environment, from labor markets to luxury markets, from military strategy to technology. And while China and the world are moving closer together economically, some forces are pushing them apart politically. Understanding globalisation’s changes makes for better business decisions.


Making the Most Out of Asia’s Rise
China, India and other Asian economies are more closely connected than ever to the West. But they have ended the era of double-digit growth many Western companies had been counting on. Opportunities have changed, and companies must adjust their plans.

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