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Expert in the psychology of money

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Specialist Subjects

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Society


  • French


Renaud Gaucher is an expert in the psychology of happiness, positive psychology, and their relationships with management, business, economics and public policy. He is also a specialist in the psychology of money and works as a consultant in his areas of expertise.

Graduated in history, geography, psychology, economics and finance, alumnus of one of the best business school in the French-speaking world, HEC Montreal, he published several books: “Positive psychology, the scientific study of best of ourselves”, ” Happiness and economics. Is capitalism soluble in the pursuit of happiness? “,” Happiness and public policy. A scientific approach and a piece of program for the 2012 French presidential election “and” Psychology of money and economics. Will we abolish poverty in rich countries? “. He also worked specifically on the relationship between happiness and environmental policies.

As the sociologist Geoffrey Ingham, he thinks that the fragmentation of social sciences leads to a loss of understanding on how the world works. Its multidisciplinary studies and his own work and creativity allows him to understand problems in a new way and create links with the research on happiness.

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