Paul Papadimitriou – Keynote Speaker

Founder Intelligencr, the global innovation scouting firm

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Specialist Subjects

  • Disruption
  • Future
  • Innovation
  • Transformation
  • Digital Trends


  • French


Paul Papadimitriou is the founder of Intelligencr, the global innovation scouting firm.


Papadimitriou travels the world to witness what the technological revolution actually means for the future of the global youth, culture, and our way of life — the geopolitics of disruption.  He also looks at what the future of these common myths and tools looks like — and how will we be living and working together.  As an adviser, he architects innovation strategies shaped around a new augmented, nomadic and tribal human.


Paul Papadimitriou is a serial entrepreneur. He understands the waves of technological and societal change. He helped shaped the first ever commercial mobile website more than 20 years ago, participated in the birth of numerous startups ecosystems, from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro, launched multiple products and services globally, and invested in era-defining startups.

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