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The Old Bailey Case That Made Legal History

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  • From Prison to Professional: Nikki J. Owen’s Remarkable Transformation
  • TRAUMA: The Biggest Block to Leadership Success
  • Break Free from Your Limitations and Unleash Your Inner Presence
  • Transform your leadership


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Nicola Owen was a model child in a model family. At fourteen she was a beautiful, talented young woman with a golden future as a dancer ahead of her. But over the next four years a new Nicola emerged. A compulsive eater, suffering extreme mood swings, she committed innumerable bizarre acts of destruction and self-mutilation.

At eighteen, obese and uncontrollable, she was remanded in Holloway Prison for twice setting fire to her family home, the second time with ‘intent to kill’.

What happened next was to make legal history. Through research and determination, her parents unearthed the cause of the changes they had witnessed in their daughter: an undiagnosed hormone deficiency resulting in premenstrual dysphoric disorder. And so began the battle to persuade doctors, lawyers, and the courts to give Nicola a second chance.

Using her second chance to find redemption and meaning to her life, Nicola changed her name to Nikki and pioneered ground-breaking ways to transform her life that she now incorporates in her work with individuals from all walks of life.

She specialises is helping individuals to heal their emotional wounds so they can live their lives with freedom and confidence that they possess a unique range of untapped abilities that when accessed holds the power for radical change. Many individuals are unwittingly living in the shadow of their past. Unresolved wounding from earlier life experiences can exact an invisible toll on both ability, mindset, and happiness.

Nikki shares her personal story to highlight that regardless of how you feel and where you are, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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From Prison to Professional: Nikki J. Owen’s Remarkable Transformation

In prison, facing a lifetime in Broadmoor the hospital for the criminally insane, Nikki’s case made legal history at The Old Bailey in 1978 and was sensationally freed due to the precedent of a severe hormone imbalance.

The guiding principles Nikki followed that enabled her to transform her life that can also change anyone’s life.

How Nikki found redemption in her work that helps others to heal their past emotional wounds to live their best life.

TRAUMA: The Biggest Block to Leadership Success

Three pressures on leadership success.
Definition of trauma and emotional wounding.
How trauma affects resilience and ability to cope.
The impact of trauma on leaders in the workplace.
Transforming trauma to triumph – how to resolve it.

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