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Neuroscientist, Organisational Consultant, Author

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Specialist Subjects

  • Think Faster, Decide Quicker and Feel Better: Physiological Tools for Peak Performance
  • Long-Lasting and Positive Change: The Science of Behavioural Change in the Workplace
  • Hectic Work, Calm Team: Building Resilience and Handling Stress


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Nicole Vignola is a neuroscientist, corporate consultant, and brain performance coach. She is working on making neuroscience accessible to the masses, by teaching tangible and pragmatic insights into brain functions, and exploring how we can work with our brain, rather than against it. With over 12 years’ experience, Nicole has worked with companies and individuals worldwide, to educate employees on the science of human optimisation, health, and longevity, with the aim of enabling them to perform better in their daily lives and in turn, bring peak performance to the workplace.

Nicole has a BSc in Neuroscience, where her research drew upon adult synaptic plasticity, with an aim to explore the wiring diagram of the human brain. This field of neuroscience served as a springboard for her work into the plasticity of mindset change; and she began to consider how these principles can be adopted into everyday living, and the ways we can transform our brain to become our best ally. Her current research, part of her MSc in Organisational Psychology, is focused on the science behind decision making, and how we can use physiological tools to improve our ability to make crucial decisions in high-pressure workplace situations.

Nicole’s recent clients include Lloyds Banking Group, Makers Mark and Smeg Ltd and her first book, Rewire: Your Neurotoolkit for Everyday is due to be published in 2025.

Popular Talks by Nicole Vignola

Think Faster, Decide Quicker and Feel Better: Physiological Tools for Peak Performance

If your brain is your hardware, then your ability to think, make decisions and create habitual or behavioural changes is your software. You need a piece of machinery that is in good working order to make any upgrades.
Many people struggle to see the link between mental performance and physical health, yet everything we do is governed by our physical health because the neurons in our brain that are responsible for communication are physical too. In this talk, Nicole will help you understand the fundamentals of brain health; the mechanisms that drive our thoughts and decisions, and how we can leverage our hardware to reach peak mental performance.

Long-Lasting and Positive Change: The Science of Behavioural Change in the Workplace

From the individual, all the way through to the organisational collective, we are all capable of change. Neuroscientific research underscores the importance of habit formation, behavioural change and neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change and reorganise itself. Behavioural change psychology aids in overcoming resistance to change. Nicole’s talk will help leaders leverage these understandings to cultivate a positive work environment and foster positive behavioural transformations in their teams. By aligning organisational strategies with the principles of neuroscience and the science of behavioural change, workplaces can create long-lasting and constructive shifts in employee behaviour and overall workplace culture.

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