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Innovation strategist, Founder and CEO of Improvides Innovation Consulting

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Specialist Subjects

  • Creativity
  • The science of Creativity
  • Impact of AI tools on human creativity
  • Removing the blockers & biases preventing your best ideas
  • Leading teams to unlock their creativity
  • Innovation & Leadership
  • Reducing the risk of innovation
  • Building innovation capabilities
  • Improving the success rate of your innovation projects
  • Building a culture of psychological safety
  • Setting the direction for your teams instead of micromanaging them
  • The workplace of the 21st century


  • English


Nick Skillicorn’s purpose is to help a billion people transform their creativity, and a the innovation capabilities of a million companies.

Since 2005, Nick Skillicorn has worked with the world’s largest corporations, government agencies, hypergrowth scale-ups as well as startups around the world to deliver their most transformative innovation projects with his unique innovation program management frameworks and he has helped tens of thousands of people fulfill their creative potential. Nick does this through his speaking, consulting, workshops and online training.

Nick Skillicorn helps teams and companies unleash the creativity and innovation potential that already exists in people. He has found the scientific insights that everyone in the world can improve their ability to have and execute better ideas.

Nick’s specialty is understanding the science behind how we have our best ideas, and using these insights to develop transformational ways for people to improve their creative performance and improve company’s innovation capabilities and success rates.

Additionally, Nick Skillicorn is a popular blogger, podcast host, video creator and author all about innovation and the science of creativity, having been interviewed as an expert on creativity by the BBC and a TEDx talk with hundreds of thousands of views.

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Using a combination of psychology, evolutionary biology and cutting-edge neuroscience, your teams and people will begin to understand not only how they have been looking at their own creativity the wrong way, but more importantly, how to use these scientific insights to reclaim and improve their creativity and translate this into better ideas at work and at home, every day. Your audience will learn:

· What creativity actually is, and where in the brain it comes from
· Why your creativity appears to have declined since your childhood into adulthood
· The scientific reason your adult brain tries to RESIST being creative
· The research behind why BRAINSTORMING does not work, and what you should do instead
· The simple things you need to do every day, week and month to turbocharge your creativity
· How your teams can use new creative techniques to collaborate more effectively than ever before
· The impact on Artificial Intelligence on the future of creative jobs
· How to lead creative teams so that your talent brings their best work for the company every day

The science of Creativity

Leaders agree: Creativity and Problem solving skills will be the most important skills for our people to adapt to the business and world of the future. Yet less than 41% of people think they are creative. Most children are incredibly creative. But what happens to us as we grow older that makes us appear to lose our creativity? Is it just that schools and parents train us to all think the same way, or is there something happening at the genetic level?

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