Miha Pogacnik – Keynote Speaker

Classical violinist and cultural entrepreneur

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Specialist Subjects

  • Inspire and Create
  • Organisations and Business Processes
  • Performance and Potential


  • German


Miha Pogacnik is a renowned violin player who offers an original response to today’s quest of the business world for creative and innovative thinking.

Pogacnik is the Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia and a former Fulbright Scholar renowned for setting the world standard in “Art and Business”. He has the exceptional capacity to inspire business leaders to “think outside of the box”. His cutting-edge approach fuels organisational and individual development and sheds new perspectives on corporate strategy. The objective of his unique methodology is to help organisations become “masterpieces” by reaching their full potential.

Whether it is Bach, Beethoven, Brahms or Bartok, using his consummate violin artistry as a catalyst, Pogacnik “unravels” musical masterpieces. In this way, he explores the parallels between musical and organisational identity and business processes, and enhances understanding of the most pressing demands of business, ranging from the search for excellence, leadership, and innovation, to problem-solving and development, as well as mobilisation around a powerful sense of purpose and direction.

As President of the Institute for Development of Intercultural Relations through the Arts, Pogacnik has directed the “Annual Art and Business Conference”, in Castle Borl-Ankenstein, Slovenia since 1998. This event has attracted participants from around the globe and is widely regarded as one of the major international “Art and Business” events. He has also orchestrated 180 intercultural festivals and exploratory learning journeys around the world to build bridges between cultures, minds and perspectives in recognition of the need for change.

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