Mark Berrisford-Smith – Keynote Speaker

Independent economist, formerly of HSBC

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Specialist Subjects

  • Outlook for the global and UK economies
  • Farming and food
  • Corporate distress – “The zombie apocalypse”
  • Gazing into the crystal ball
  • Sundries



  • English


Mark Berrisford-Smith is an extremely well respected Economist and a regular on the speaking circuit. An accomplished public speaker, having undertaken more than 2,000 presentations during his career.

He gained degrees in economics from Sussex and London Universities and has spent most of his career working as an economist at HSBC. From 2012 until 2023 he was Head of Economics for the Bank’s Commercial Banking division in the UK, where his role involved advising the Bank’s senior management and it’s clients on developments in the global and UK economies. To this end, an important part of his role was to speak at client events as well as externally in a wide range of settings, ranging from breakfasts for local businesses to keynote addresses at industry conferences.

Mark’s work is extensive and has involved making sense of the causes and consequences of the global financial crisis of 2008-09, and the subsequent debt crisis in the Euro Area; detailing the economic consequences and practicalities for businesses of Brexit; and explaining the long-term damage done to the UK and other major economies by the Covid pandemic. In the past year or two his presentations have focused on the once-in-a-generation challenge posed by the resurgence of inflation. In particular, he warned in the summer of 2021 that the acceleration of inflation was not a temporary phenomenon.

Mark Berrisford-Smith speaks on a variety of areas with topics ranging from the U.K. economy through to a global outlook. Specialist areas include farming and the food industry. He delivers keynotes, full presentations and also contributes written articles for the media and industries. He continues to offer advisory work too for a carefully selected client portfolio.

Popular Talks by Mark Berrisford-Smith

Outlook for the global and UK economies

This presentation starts with a quick run-through of global developments, focusing especially on trends in commodity prices, what’s happening to the major economies, how everybody else is getting on with tackling inflation, and following on from that, where they are in the interest rate cycle. It then moves on to the UK, discussing why our recovery has been so poor, how consumers have fought back against the “cost of living crisis” by bidding up their wages, and why the labour market remains so tight. That leads us to the outlook for inflation, and hence interest rates. If required, he can round off with a brief detour into the prospects for sterling, and also say something about the corporate landscape.

A useful variant is to increase the global content, and to reduce the UK portion. This works well for events put on by global organisations, such as the international networks run by accountants and lawyers, where the majority of the audience represent their offices around the world, but where there is a sizeable UK-based minority. In that case, finishing up with half a dozen UK slides works quite well, while it’s fairly easy to generate some responses from the international attendees when they see how badly we’re doing.

Farming and food

Brief global presentation followed by the relevance to farming and food sectors in the UK, and concentrating on the prospects for borrowing costs and sterling’s exchange rate. With some additional content on the global commodity markets for agricultural products, the demand and supply balances, trends in UK farm profitability, and maybe material on food exports and imports, which is a topic which is guaranteed to get audience participation and comment.

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