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Maria Franzoni is one of the most experienced speaker bookers in Europe and a recognised speaking industry expert. She has been a part of the London Speaker Bureau – named by the New York Times as “the only international speaker bureau” since 2000.

In 2007 she founded her own licensed office as part of the London Speaker Bureau network imaginatively named Maria Franzoni Ltd.

In the 20 plus years that she has been working in the industry Maria has strived to raise standards of bureaus, agents and speakers alike constantly innovating and doing things differently. In that time, she has mentored and trained many top speakers and bookers. Over the years she has worked with the “who’s who and the who’s that?” of the speaking world.

Maria Franzoni is a founding member and former co-chair of the European Association of Speaker Bureaus. She is Director of Operations at We Do Things Differently cultural change consultancy. She is founder and chief mentor at Speaking Business Academy where she and her team provide training for new and established speakers.

She is also the host of the Speaking Business podcast where each week a speaker on the bureau roster is invited as a guest to share their expertise. Over her 100+ episodes, she interviewed speakers like neuroscientist Beau Lotto, the cyclist legend Sir Chris Hoy MBE, our most requested female futurist Shivvy Jervis and many more.

Prior to working with speakers Maria Franzoni worked in retail management, management consultancy, educational travel and as an entrepreneur starting five businesses, 3 successful, 2 not.

Her experience in other industries has given her an excellent foundation for her speaker bureau work.

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