Lucy Shepherd – Keynote Speaker

Professional & Pioneering Explorer, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

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Specialist Subjects

  • Adventure
  • Explorer Mindset
  • Resilience
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership and Teamwork


  • English


As genuine travel has become easier and easier, true adventure has inevitably become ever more elusive.

Enter Lucy Shepherd.

Shepherd is the real deal and at the forefront of modern exploration. From mountain ranges to tropical rainforests, to the Arctic tundra, she is plotting a thrilling, inimitable path for herself.

Her message? “Adventure is a mindset, not a moment.”

Aged just twenty-three, Lucy was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society for her ground-breaking exploration work, and she is also the youngest member of the council of the Scientific Exploration Society, one of the world’s oldest exploration charities.

Lucy Shepherd made a mark on the global stage after successfully completing her recent jungle expedition across an isolated part of the Amazon. Lucy and her team of indigenous Amerindians spent 50 days moving through uncharted and untouched jungle, facing dangers every single day.

Lucy’s thrilling accounts of her adventures show clear resilience but what is surprising is how her leadership has developed over the years. Lucy is determined to prove that we are all capable of being resilient and taking on hurdles and challenges that we may have thought were impossible in the past.

Although still young, Lucy has more stories to tell than most manage in a lifetime.

Lucy’s inspirational and adrenaline filled talk provides both motivation and escapism. Lucy Shepherd discusses multiple topics within her epic tales and her leadership and teamwork skillset comes across throughout. Her key messages woven within her talk are the ability to face adversity head on, the importance of embracing the unknown and the tools required to have an explorer’s mindset.

With an ever-growing media profile, many places left to visit, and millions still to educate, you can be certain that she will continue to be a vital presence on the world stage for decades to come.

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