Lisa Armstrong – Keynote Speaker

Founder and CEO, Ugogo Africa Ltd

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Specialist Subjects

  • Inclusive Innovation: Inclusive Thinking and Your Bottomline
  • How Gender Equality Can Help Us Build a Sustainable World
  • Luxury Africa
  • Women in Tech


  • English


Lisa Armstrong is a serial entrepreneur with experience and expertise in emerging markets and leapfrog technologies. Technologies that are catapulting these markets quickly into the future, creating exciting hubs for innovation on a global stage. The innovation is often driven by creating a lasting impact on the lives of the people that use them. Based on this understanding, Armstrong lectures at the globally renowned Hyper Island on Inclusive Innovation. Inclusive Innovation principles show how any business can be profitable whilst also having an impact: thinking inclusively should not be reserved for discussions about corporate social responsibility but can be meaningfully interwoven, through innovation, into the bottom line and success of an organisation.

Lisa Armstrong also consults on global sustainability and gender diversity, working with government organisations on meeting their UN Sustainability and Development Goals, particularly The Eradication of Poverty and Gender Equality and how these two goals are intrinsically linked. The well-being of women can be directly linked to economic growth and sustainability of societies. For example, when women working in the informal sector in Kenya were provided with a savings account, they saved at a higher rate and invested 60% back into their businesses, and women were also found to spend 20% more on education. Thus, she argues, gender equality isn’t just a fad, it is an intrinsic part of global sustainability. As organisations grapple with their role in creating sustainability Armstrong is able to provide clarity on what that role could be and what can be done to leave this world a better place than the one we found.

Lisa Armstrong has won the Publicis 90 Award for her innovation in financial inclusion for Ugogo Africa and the WACL Future Leaders Award on behalf of the most influential women in the world of marketing and communications. Lisa also guest lectures on Luxury Africa at the Instituto Marangoni, the prestigious Italian fashion institute.

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