Leo Martin – Keynote Speaker

Former member of the German secret service

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Specialist Subjects

  • Secret Weapons of Communication - Subtle Strategies to Win People Over
  • Mental Illusions - An Interactive Stage Show With Psychological Tricks



  • German


As a former member of the secret service, Leo Martin analyses the behaviour of people from the perspective of a criminal investigator and applies these same behaviour patterns to situations of leadership, sales and private life.


Martin was born in 1976, studied criminal science and spent ten years in the German secret service. He became one of the most successful members of the secret service in Germany.


Since 2008 Martin has had his own interactive TV show called “Secret Weapons of Communication”. He is regularly invited to present at leading companies’ corporate events. During his presentations Leo Martin shares his insider knowledge on the role of persuasion and confidence in networking, winning customer loyalty and maintain an edge in negotiations.


Being able to read the character of others makes communication more effective and prevents misunderstandings. It also means you understand people and situations, foresee problems earlier and have more chance of reaching your desired outcomes faster. Leo Martin demonstrates all this and more in his gripping presentations.


Martin’s book ‘I’ll get you! Win people over – An ex-agent reveals his most effective strategies’ was published in 2011 and became a bestseller. His second book ‘I can see through you! An ex-agent’s top tips’ came out in 2012.

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