Laurent Combalbert – Keynote Speaker

A Crisis Negotiator, formerly a Hostage Negotiator in the French Police Special Response Team RAID

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Specialist Subjects

  • Complex negotiation
  • Crisis Management
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Team Building


  • French


Laurent Combalbert has been a professional negotiator and expert in crisis management and complex negotiations since 1998. He is also an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. Former officer-negotiator within the RAID, a graduate of the National Academy of the FBI, and qualified at the highest level CPN3 (Certified Professional Negotiator level 3), Laurent Combalbert is regularly cited by the international press as one of the best negotiators in the world. He is involved every day, with all types of organizations as a speaker, advisor or trainer.

After spending over ten years in the police force, Laurent Combalbert decided to join the corporate world, first as associate director within the GEOS group, then as founder of ADN, the Agence Des Négociateurs with Marwan Mery. Together they created the PACIFICAT® frame of reference and published NEGOCIATOR, “the reference for all negotiations.”

In 2020, Laurent Combalbert left the ADN presidency to create TTA – The Trusted Agency. Its mission is to reveal the confidence of people and organizations in order to act and cope. Always striving to share his knowledge, and with a deep respect for the environment, he founded his training center in the heart of nature: the Sylvanie Campus. The campus also supports a foundation dedicated to providing the new generation with the keys to confidence and discernment, with the aim of building a better world.

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