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Trans & Non-binary Advocate, TEDx Speaker, Influencer

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Beauty in Being Myself
  • LGBTQIA+ 101 (Next Generation)
  • LGBT+? A Run Through of the Current Acronym
  • Understanding Gender Diversity
  • Trans & Non-binary Identities
  • Understanding Gender-Neutral Pronouns
  • The Equalities as It Relates to LGBTQ+ People
  • Evolving Attitudes and Using Affirming Language
  • A Guide to Social and Medical Transition
  • Living as LGBTQIA+ Today - Key Findings
  • Tackling Direct and Indirect Discrimination
  • Moving Beyond the Fear of Getting It Wrong
  • Support Pathways for Professionals, Parents & Families




  • English


Jude Guaitamacchi is a Trans, Non-binary TEDx Speaker, Campaigner & Model. Jude made history as the first non-binary person to represent Harrods for a Beauty campaign and been featured in a range of publications including Vogue & Cosmopolitan. As an advocate for Non-binary equality, Jude has works with brands & businesses around the world delivering talks & training to audiences speaking very openly about their journey and how learning to embrace their authenticity and vulnerability helped them to thrive.

Jude Guaitamacchi is dedicated to working towards trans & non-binary equality and offers proactive ways for trans allies to reflect their advocacy. They recently launched a global trans solidarity campaign #TransPeopleAreLoved ‘Make Love the Loudest Voice’ a campaign specifically designed to amplify trans positive messaging from allies around the world.

Jude hopes to be the role model they needed growing up so that future generations may see themselves represented, feel empowered and celebrate who they are. They have an impressive range of clients such as Cult Beauty, Disney, Deloitte, Allianz, HEARST (Cosmo, Elle, Men’s Health), BPI Music (the Brit Awards & Sony Music) W Hotel, including the UK’s most prestigious schools including Marlborough, Beadles, Roedean, St Paul’s.

Popular Talks by Jude Guaitamacchi

The Beauty in Being Myself

From homeliness to Harrods. An inspiring journey of adverse childhood experiences, being bullied, a struggle with gender dysphoria, and internalised shame that resulted in using unhealthy coping mechanisms, leading to extreme consequences They found themselves homeless, alone, almost losing their life, resulting in lifelong nerve damage before aged 18. However, through extreme hardship, Jude fought to survive and broke free from the chains of their past. Jude spent much of their childhood trying to conform and change themself in an attempt to feel loved and accepted by others, which only resulted in further misery. After several stints in rehab and treatment centres, they found the courage to open up and be vulnerable. Jude only realised they were trans at 30 but showed the world that it is never too late to start being who you are and start living authentically. Jude began to transition medically and over time their entire life changed. At the peak of their transition they were suddenly cast in a Harrods Beauty Campaign and given the line ‘My Beauty is Being Myself’. Jude realised that phrase perfectly described their experience and that they’d been able to re-write the narrative of a story written for them.

Jude shares a heartfelt journey and their insights into finding the power in vulnerability, in accessing truth and authenticity to move beyond difficult life experiences, to help us grow, evolve and triumph. This isn’t a trans story, it’s a human story.

LGBTQIA+ 101 (Next Generation)

The education many of us never had. Section 28 made it illegal to access any information or education positively associated with the LGBTQ+ community until 2003. With a record number of LGBTQ+ identifying young people among Gen Z, the future is looking significantly queerer. Gallup reported that 15.9% of young adults between 18-23 now identify as queer or trans.

This workshop is an opportunity to immerse yourself in all things LGBTQIA+ next generation. It is an informative and popular session aimed at bridging the generational gap and enabling future employers to have the language, knowledge and awareness to embrace the next generation of LGBTQIA+ professionals.However, this session will also cover what is required by law regarding how the Equality Act protects people and how businesses can ensure the workplace is a more welcoming place for their employees.The session is a judgement-free zone offering attendees a chance to ask those nerve-wracking questions, move beyond the fear of getting it wrong, and find a place of confidence and empowerment. Jude incorporates their own personal experience growing up in the Section 28 generation to share a personal account of their journey of self-exploration and transition.

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