John Demartini – Keynote Speaker

Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author

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Specialist Subjects

  • Dissolving Distractions and Remaining Focused
  • Prioritizing Actions and Delegating Responsibilities
  • Self-Management and Accountability
  • Productivity and Results
  • Motivation & Loyalty Resolving Conflict
  • Corporate Visions and Values; Management and Team Building?


  • English


John Demartini is an internationally acclaimed speaker on motivation, goal-setting, visions and values, and team building.


Dr Demartini travels over 360 days a year to over 56 countries, where he shares his research and findings across the globe. He is the author of over forty books, published in 14 different languages.


As Dr Demartini states, ‘When you believe you cannot read or learn and you then discover that you can, it awakens an insatiable appetite for knowledge’. He has spent a total of 36 years avidly researching over 260 different disciplines such as psychology, cosmology, economics, sociology, biology, and theology.


In South Africa, John Demartini has worked in partnership with educational organisations in an effort to empower and inspire young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is done by either inviting students onto programs such as Young Adults Inspired Destiny™ or by presenting workshops within community schools and colleges.


Dr Demartini has presented empowerment programmes to teachers and students in many countries. In South Africa he worked with the FET Gert Sebande College and FET Westcol where he presented the Teaching Today for Tomorrow™ Programme. This is a full day workshop aimed at empowering and inspiring teachers and equipping them with tools to awaken potential and activate leadership in their students.


In the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Dr Demartini has presented his ideas surrounding effective education and the growing prevalence of so called ‘learning disabilities’ to local government and agency bodies. His intention was to demonstrate to teachers, educators and children alike, that genius is often buried beneath the labels society has misplaced upon them.


John Demartini speaks to corporations on; Dissolving Distractions and Remaining Focused, Prioritizing Actions and Delegating Responsibilities, Self-Management and Accountability, Productivity and Results, Motivation & Loyalty Resolving Conflict, Corporate Visions and Values, Management and Team Building.


Some of the more well known companies Dr Demartini has spoken to are: IBM, Southwestern Bell, Tenneco, AARCO, Shell Oil Company, Onoc Resource Inc., Arcis, Oppenheimer Funds, Merrill-Lynch, ARK Financial Group, Momentum Investment Group, ANZ Bank, Enterprise Bank, Durban Local Government -Ethekwini Municipality, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), CNA, Balltron, Hyatt International, Niecon, Maserati/Ferrari, Eurocar /Imperial Car Rental.


“Dr Demartini is one of the all-time great and inspiring teachers, speakers, writers and leaders. I love learning from this wise man who is becoming cosmically conscious. As I’ve introduced my partners like Jack Canfield and friends at my seminars and rallies to John, all want to sit at his feet like Plato did Socrates. John’s mind and inspired thinking always stands the proverbial test of time.”

MARK VICTOR HANSEN -co creator of the #1 New York Times best selling series ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and co-author of ‘The One Minute Millionaire’

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