Jason Mars – Keynote Speaker

Professor of computer science at University of Michigan, President of Jaseci Labs and co-founder of Myca.ai

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Future of Conversational AI
  • Transformational Technology known to humanity
  • Current State of the World due to Tech Decentralizing
  • Most common barriers to Artificial Intelligence Adoption
  • The Business of AI
  • AI and the Creative Industries
  • Life’s Mission to change the world through research
  • Why Conversational AI is taking over our world



  • English


Jason Mars is a professor of computer science at University of Michigan, President of Jaseci Labs, and co-founder of Myca.ai. Jason Mars’ work is at the nexus of science, technology, and entrepreneurship, where he strives to make a significant global impact. As a computer science professor at the University of Michigan, he helms the Clarity Lab, a leading research lab specializing in artificial intelligence, large-scale computing, and programming languages.

Jason Mars is the creator of Jaseci and the Jac programming language, a new technology stack that revolutionizes the way sophisticated software is created using Generative AI and is commercially used by companies like Myca.ai, Tobu Life, and ZeroShotBot. Mars has founding multiple previous companies that have delivered trend setting AI solutions to over 20 million users across diverse sectors.

With achievements including raising $62 million in venture capital and building businesses valued over $200 million, he’s earned accolades such as Crain Business’s 40 under 40, Bank Innovations’ Most Innovative CEO, and the CARAH Award.

Jason Mars is the author of the bestselling “Breaking Bots: Inventing A New Voice In The AI Revolution”, offering insights on AI’s trajectory and inspiring future leaders. Before his tenure at the University of Michigan, Mars was a professor at UCSD, and has experience with tech giants Google and Intel. He earned his PhD in Computer Science from UVA.

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