Jakob Stollberger – Keynote Speaker

Professor in Leadership and Organisational Behaviour at the University of Durham and an International Research Affiliate at the National University of Singapore

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Specialist Subjects

  • Artificial intelligence and human augmentation
  • Work-family (im)balance
  • Emotional Communication and Nonverbal Leadership
  • Creativity and Innovation at Work


  • English
  • German


Prof Jakob Stollberger is a Professor in Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the University of Durham and an International Research Affiliate at the National University of Singapore. Prior to joining the University of Durham, Jakob held various research positions at Aston University, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Birmingham in the UK as well as at the Free University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

As a work psychologist, Jakob explores various ways how behavioral insights can support organizations in their day-to-day work. His research agenda focuses on themes that lie at the intersection between organizations and society, such as issues around how leaders can promote or derail organizational innovation efforts, how work influences family dynamics, as well as how humans can best work together with artificial intelligence (AI) in the not-too-distant future of work.

Over the last 10 years, Jakob Stollberger has written extensively on topics such as nonverbal leadership, work-family (im)balance, as well as AI at work and human augmentation. His scholarly work has been published in leading academic journals and has won a number of awards. He currently serves as Associate Editor for Human Relations, the flagship journal of the Tavistock Institute in London that recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Jakob Stollberger also writes impactful practitioner-oriented pieces for outlets such as the Harvard Business Review, the World Financial Review, or the European Business Review and his work received media coverage in Forbes, The World Economic Forum, or The Conversation UK among others. Due to his talent to turn scholarly insights into actionable recommendations for workplaces, he is a regularly invited speaker at businesses (e.g., Meta) and governmental bodies (e.g., UK ministries).

Popular Talks by Jakob Stollberger

Artificial intelligence and human augmentation

Organisations face a myriad of challenges when attempting to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) tools into their work processes either to automate or augment human capabilities, including a resistance to change or merely a lack of urgency to use AI. Yet to remain successful in a digital age, leaders will have to find ways to address these challenges and facilitate effective human-AI collaboration.

Throughout his talk, Jakob will advocate for the long-term benefits of augmentation over the short-sighted, instant gratification that the automation of work tasks offers. As a psychologist, he will also focus on broader societal implications of the future of work and emphasize that human reactions to AI and their management will determine whether human augmentation attempts will lead to synergy or conflict.

Work-family (im)balance

Imagine a day that involves dropping off your child at nursery at 8:30am before rushing to a work meeting at 9:00am, after which the nursery calls for the child to be picked up and cared for at home due to a suspected stomach bug. Working from home now, you notice that you ran out of milk and no dinner plans were made…

This scenario aims to describe the lived reality of dual earners, that is, couples where both partners pursue a job. Couples with such a domestic setup not only represent the majority of UK households but they also experience unprecedented levels of workload and stress. Based on his leading academic research, Jakob will synthesize best practices of how cultivating communities at work and at home can help dual earners in their crucial task to balance their work and family demands and lead more fulfilled lives.

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