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  • Unleash Peak Performance with a 'Growth Mindset'


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Jack Ismail currently serves as the Partnership Director at Specsavers, the world’s largest privately owned optical retailer, operating in 11 countries. Specsavers has been a pillar of the industry for over four decades, with a strong market presence in all their operating countries, including their recent expansion into Canada.

With a commitment to providing vision and hearing care to 41 million customers worldwide, Specsavers distinguishes itself by a unique model where each of its 2300+ businesses is locally owned and operated through 5000 joint venture partnerships. This localised approach is the bedrock of Specsavers’ success, as it allows individual business owners to infuse their distinct leadership style into each location. Jack Ismail’s pivotal role as Partnership Director revolves around creating cohesion and enthusiasm across the organization.

In a setting where business partners aren’t employees, he plays a central role in achieving alignment towards a common purpose. Jack draws from his extensive experience working with senior leadership to elucidate how Specsavers attains remarkable results and garners commitment throughout its network. These leadership skills, relevant to both the public and private sectors, are at the core of Jack’s message. His presentations are characterized by humour and energy, as he shares insights into how cultivating a ‘growth mindset’ culture at Specsavers, emphasizing continuous learning, performance, and the pursuit of excellence has driven success.

Jack Ismail customizes his presentations to cater to each client’s specific needs, aligning his talks with the client’s priorities and key messages. Drawing from his extensive background, which includes prominent brands like Marks & Spencer, B&Q, Home Retail Group, and Dominos. A charismatic and influential speaker, Jack entertains and inspires audiences, leaving a lasting impact. His talks are not just about leadership but also about the profound impact of collaboration, partnership, and innovation in the corporate world.

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Unleash Peak Performance with a 'Growth Mindset'

Jack starts with one of those funny, iconic ads that made Specsavers famous. He then challenges the audience consider how they would launch a new retail brand to the high street and grow that brand from one store to a chain of over 2000. In doing so they need to employ 40,000 staff but critically their work should genuinely improve the lives of their customers. That’s the story of Specsavers!

Jack shares how founders Doug and Mary Perkins built the world’s largest private optometry chain to become the giant it is today. His anecdotes will fascinate the audience as he points out that 95% of Specsavers employees don’t work for them! They are employed by the joint venture partners who own and run each business locally.

How do you influence, engage, and inspire business partners who run their business under your brand, have their own ideas and don’t work for you? The skills required to do this, Jack says, are critical for all leaders to understand.

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