Irene Tingali – Keynote Speaker

Senior Researcher in Innovation and Development

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Specialist Subjects

  • The creative competition in the era
  • Urban and Regional Competition
  • Sustainable Growth creative era
  • Understanding knowledge societies creative contexts


  • Italian


Irene Tinagli’s work focuses on policies for innovation, creativity and regional development. She has worked as a consultant for the Department of Social and Economic Affairs of the United Nations, for the European Commission, and for regional governments and development agencies in various European countries.

Irene Tinagli has a Masters in Innovation Management and Policy and a PhD in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University. She has written and collaborated on writing several international publications such as Europe in the Creative Age (with R. Florida) and Understanding Knowledge Societies (with J. Szeremeta) and writes for the newspaper La Stampa . Her research examines the social and economic conditions necessary for the development of creativity and innovation. At the macro level explores the geographic distribution of human capital and innovative activities, make investigations into the causes of regional growth, innovation and competition. At the micro level, exploring the psychological mechanisms that attract and make an individual a place to stay and encourage them to undertake more creative and innovative.

Irene’s research examines the concept of innovation in the social contexts of cities and regions, by comparing trends in global and local systems. Its highly appreciated presentation examines the changes that towns and cities take to adapt to the global economy of the twenty-first century, exploring the opportunities and challenges facing Europe in the global competition for creative and talented individuals. Her professional activities are many and varied: consulting, research projects, training of managerial personnel and non-conference, but also participation in scientific advisory committees and commissions.

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