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Originator of the “4th Industrial Revolution” and Digital theme of today

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Specialist Subjects

  • Technology (r)evolution
  • The Environment (r)evolution- Humanity at a crossroad
  • Economic (r)evolution Decentralized Finance
  • The Reality (r)evolution Quantum leap of what is real
  • Digital
  • Industry
  • Demystify the Industry 4.0


  • English


Henrik von Scheel is an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Triggered the Industry 4.0 and Digital themes. Best known as the originator and vanguard of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the mastermind of the European Digital Agenda, which ignited the global themes of today.

Leading authority on strategy and competitiveness. Named by Financial Times as “one of the leading authority on strategy and competitiveness. “ In 2019, he was recognized as “the most influential management thinker of our times” with the prestigious “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Award”, the Nobel prize of knowledge sharing.

Impact on economies and profits. Henrik von Scheel has influenced more executives – and more nations – than any other business thinker – Sam Palmisano, IBM CEO. His work has shaped the performance of the fastest growing companies and is applied to 19 national economies. He has left his mark on national economies, influenced GDP growth, triggered global themes and ignited hyper growth in companies.

Evolve mainstream thinking. A sought-after speaker, prolific writer and advisor, that has evolved the mainstream thinking and practices on the toughest, most important issues in business.

A sought-after speaker, iconic futurist, and advisor, that has evolved the mainstream thinking and practices on the toughest and most important issues in business today. At the present, Henrik von Scheel is proactively engaged in shaping the global future themes at various

Popular Talks by Henrik von Scheel

Technology (r)evolution

  • The end-2-end Digital (r)evolution (1st wave)
  • The Great Manufacturing Reset (2nd wave)
  • Web 3 and Metaverse – Redefine privacy & search (3rd wave)
  • Bio (r)evolution – meet the Miniverse (4th wave)

The Environment (r)evolution- Humanity at a crossroad

  • Future of Net Zero: extreme sustainable and productive
  • Rethink the way we make market and buy
  • Future of Energy and Materials
  • Humanity at a crossroad (2030 TO DO LIST)

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