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  • The Career Equation: Make Career Dialogue Your Competitive Advantage
  • The Job For Life Is Dead…It’s All About Life’s Work
  • The Career Equation: Democratising Your Career & Talent Strategy
  • Optimising the Hybrid Working Environment
  • Careers and Leadership: The What, Why and How
  • 3 Powerful Career Conversations for 2023
  • Why you urgently need a career conversation with your key talent
  • Why big companies have big career problems (and how to solve them)
  • Mastering Career Conversations: A Catalyst for Tech Success


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The world of work is undergoing a revolution. It’s got personal. Your people expect you to take a close interest in their unique talent, drivers and aspirations. If they don’t feel they are growing towards their goals in your business, they vote with their feet.

We will spend 80000 hours at work. Yet most of us have never learned how to discern what the work would really best suit our capabilities. Without the ability to get under the skin of your people, you risk them leaving for competitors where they feel there is a better fit.

When we have the tools to engage in powerful dialogue, we can use career conversations as a powerful lever for retention and connection. If you don’t talk to your people and get to know their career goals, you can bet the competition will.

Erica Sosna is an award-winning speaker on career design and the future focussed workplace. Her powerful and practical Career Equation Method has become the go-to career design model for clients such as Amazon, Capital One and AXA. Her practical, engaging and can-do storytelling style makes it easy for people experts to take tangible takeaways from her keynotes and turn their aspirations of an engaged workforce into reality.

Her Career Equation is recognised by the CEO of Savills as “Exceptionally swift and effective, simple to learn, share and use with talent at all stages of their career.” Amazon’s Developers rated her recent keynote in the top 3 over 300 speakers.

Erica is the founder of Career Matters, a boutique consultancy that empowers employers in top firms to retain the best and equip talent to own and drive their career through powerful career conversations. Her unique Career Equation has become the go to model for Career Conversations at all levels, driving retention and engagement for CEO’s, high flyers and accelerated diversity schemes worldwide.

Her tools and insights capture and invigorate audiences from the USA, across mainland Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Her career coaching training is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Erica Sosna is a very experienced and popular virtual speaker and has an excellent reputation for delivering high energy, high impact keynotes at a distance. Her practical keynotes have been enjoyed by Total Jobs, Santander, Puig, The Emirati Government, Compare the Market, SS&C, Walmart, Flutter, Amazon, Mastercard and many more.

Popular Talks by Erica Sosna

The Career Equation: Make Career Dialogue Your Competitive Advantage

The Great Resignation and the war for talent made it incredibly hard to secure and retain key people. Pressure on candidates is pushing up wage inflation across a huge range of industries. How do you become the company no one wants to leave and the leader everyone wants to work for? Getting under the skin of how your people and your candidates define success helps you create a feeling of genuine intimacy and solidarity and gives you a red flag warning for anyone being tempted by an external offer. Let me show you how to engage both prospective talent and be their employer of choice, as well as holding on to your very best people.

The Job For Life Is Dead…It’s All About Life’s Work

With the average tenure in role falling to just two years, the rise of AI obliterating existing professional career paths and Gen Z refusing to accept any environments that jeopardise their wellbeing, where are we in the search for the optimum high performing workplace? As a leader, it is your responsibility to create and nurture an environment in which everyone can thrive. This means policies, processes, politics and powerful conversations need to be reviewed for fit with the current work culture. Aspirations and definitions of success at work need to be understood on a personalised case-by-case basis. How do you do this when you have a business to run? The Career Equation model has been used at scale by some of the worlds’ best firms. It quickly taps into the aspiration and unique identity of each member of the business, giving key insight on the talent pipeline, flight risks and unrealized potential. You’ll learn how to use this framework to your competitive advantage and hear stories of success from firms as diverse as Capital One, Thales, Savills and Nomura.

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