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  • End The Talent Exodus
  • Your Career Plan
  • Why Stories Matter


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Erica Sosna is an inspirational female entrepreneur and thought leader who developed the Career Equation® to equip professionals around the world to find their ideal work. Her tools and programmes have enabled companies to retain and engage their key talent in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A former Government policy adviser and leadership consultant, Erica‘s methods form an integral part of the talent philosophy at AXA, Capital One, Bristol Myers Squibb, Dassault Systemes and The Open University.

Erica Sosna is an original thinker and futurist in the fields of careers and the changing world of work. Her practical methods empower listening audiences to connect with their personal truth and self-knowledge and apply that to navigating the workplace and their next career chapters.  Her keynote clients include Savills, Harrods and TEDx.

Erica Sosna is the author of Your Career Plan (Wiley 2014) and has a second book on the future of work, underway.

Her coaching, speaking and writing have helped hundreds of people in the UK, France, The Middle East, America, Kosovo, New Zealand, India and Bulgaria make a career plan that excites and energises them. This increases their productivity, fulfilment, focus and drive.

Popular Talks by Erica Sosna

End The Talent Exodus

You know that the war for talent is fiercer than ever. You care about creating an engaged workplace. You do all you can to create an environment in which talent thrives and yet great people still leave your business.‍ They get poached by the competition. They decide they are not progressing fast enough or they make a move into something completely new, without warning. The time, money and energy spent replacing them is exhausting. Not to mention the loss of morale and business productivity. So how do you plug the leak? Career conversations are the key. The answers and practical steps are what you’ll find in a fascinating talk by career expert and author of ‘Your Life Plan’, Erica Sosna. In it you’ll understand the root of the problem and how to solve it by using career conversations to tap into the inner motivations of your key talent.

Your Career Plan

The world of work is changing fast. We are overwhelmed by new opportunities and new roles. Some of the top jobs being recruited for now did not exist just 15 years ago. As an employee, how do you navigate this changing world and be sure that you are making the right decisions for yourself? And if you would like to choose a new career path, how do you begin to map out the journey to take you there? Erica Sosna’s Your Career Plan method is designed to address all this more. Filled with practical know-how, real-world stories and fun anecdotes, Erica provides you with all you need to decide on what success looks like for you and take action to make it a reality.

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