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Future of work expert and Author of The Career Equation

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Specialist Subjects

  • The future of recruitment
  • When and why your women walk away
  • Why you urgently need a career conversation with your key talent
  • When your industry implodes… how to career pivot
  • Why big companies have big career problems (and how to solve them)
  • How do you sell your talents when the job for life is dead?
  • If your people didn’t have to come to work… why would they?


  • English


What does the future world of work look like? How will our careers and working lives be transformed by the post-pandemic environment? What action do you need to take as a leader to ensure you win the war for talent and have a thriving working environment that is fit for the future?

Most of us fell into our careers rather than chose them. In this post-pandemic environment, we have become less willing to settle for work that doesn’t work. The job for life is dead and we can work from anywhere, for anyone. What does this mean for people functions and business leaders?

Erica Sosna is an award-winning speaker on career design and the future focussed workplace. Her powerful and practical Career Equation Method has become the go-to career design model for clients such as Amazon, Capital One and AXA. Her practical, engaging and can-do storytelling style makes it easy for people experts to take tangible takeaways from her keynotes and turn their aspirations of an engaged workforce into reality.

Erica’s thought leadership on where the global trends for virtual teams, digital nomad lifestyles and even the end of work as we know it, has been featured in The Huffington Post, Marie Claire and on LinkedIn. She is also a frequent contributor to panel discussions, including International Women’s Day Panels, most recently for Michael Page, The Association of Coaching, The Girls Day School’s Trust and Sony Pictures.

Erica’s talks are described by Amazon’s team as “ enjoyable and engaging” . Her Career Equation is recognised by the CEO of Savills as “” Exceptionally swift and effective, simple to learn, share and use with talent at all stages of their career.”

Erica is the founder of Career Matters, a boutique consultancy that empowers employees in top firms to own and drive their career through powerful career conversations. She has designed and delivered leadership programmes and career development for CEO’s, high flyers and accelerated diversity schemes for Capital One, HSBC, Nomura and Mastercard. Her tools and insights capture and invigorate audiences from the USA, across mainland Europe and Australia. Her career coaching training is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Erica Sosna is a very experienced and popular virtual speaker and has an excellent reputation for delivering high energy, high impact keynotes at a distance.

Popular Talks by Erica Sosna

The future of recruitment

Aspirations for what we want out of work are changing. How do we assess the right fit for new talent and help them get under the skin of who we are looking for and what we offer?

When and why your women walk away

You are leaking female talent. In a workplace designed by men, for men, women are voting with their feet. Hear the insights and secrets they share with their career coach, before they walk out of your door.

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