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British journalist, documentary-maker and newsreader for the BBC

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Emily Maitlis is one of the most recognised faces on television news. As well as presenting Newsnight BBC 2 and the Ten o’clock & One o’clock news bulletins on BBC1, she also works alongside David Dimbleby and Jeremy Vine covering the General, Local and US elections.

Emily Maitlis is also a documentary maker and in 2011, secured an exclusive television interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, which formed the basis of her much-acclaimed BBC2 documentary, ‘Inside Facebook: Zuckerberg’s $100 Billion Gamble’. Her other documentaries have been on subjects as diverse as Donald Trump, Nicolas Sarkozy and Barbie. She has also interviewed major political figures such as Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and Christine Lagarde, as well as all four of the last UK prime ministers. She has interviewed key figures from the world of sport, entertainment, and business – David Beckham, Hugh Grant, George Soros, to name but a handful – and is currently working on a new documentary about the US.

Prior to working in news, Emily Maitlis was a documentary maker in Cambodia and China. She spent six years working with NBC Asia, initially as a business reporter and then as a presenter in Hong Kong, covering the collapse of the tiger economies in 1997. She also covered the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong with Jon Snow for Channel 4. She then moved to Sky News in the UK as a business correspondent, and to BBC London News when the programme was re-launched in 2001.

Emily Maitlis has reported from China, India, Malaysia, Washington, Cambodia and was based in the Far East for six years. Emily has travelled extensively and speaks basic Mandarin.

She also speaks French, Spanish and Italian.

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