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Entrepreneur, author and existential therapist

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Specialist Subjects

  • Finding purpose
  • Social mobility, diversity & inclusion
  • Female leadership
  • Wellbeing & Mental Health
  • Professional & Personal Development


  • English


Eloise Skinner is an entrepreneur, author and existential therapist. She is the founder of two businesses: One Typical Day (an ed-tech start-up), and The Purpose Workshop (a social impact consultancy).

One Typical Day helps students figure out a new way to discover their first careers through a digital platform. The ed-tech start-up offers ‘day in the life’ videos to help students figure out their first careers through a blend of the old (traditional careers insights) and the new (video-based content creation). One Typical Day is a tech-based solution for an industry ready for transformation.

The Purpose Workshop is a social impact business with a singular focus: to help individuals redesign their life. With a focus on navigating the topic of purpose, The Purpose Workshop acts as a guide as participants figure it out. Once members have an idea of their future path, Eloise and her team work with them to recreate their life around their intentions.

Eloise Skinner first lived on a council estate in East London, and later studied Law at Cambridge University and trained at Oxford University Business School. Having practiced as a lawyer in the city, and after some soul-searching (including a year training to be a monk), Eloise followed her passion into existential psychotherapy. A published author, Eloise also teaches Pilates, yoga, meditation, massage and nutrition. She also has her own podcast, ‘About Wisdom’.

Eloise is passionate about spirituality, meaning, purpose, social impact and education. Above all, Eloise is driven by the idea of integration – the power of bringing together all aspects of work and life; to live fully, with intention, integrity and purpose.

Eloise Skinner is the author of The Purpose Handbook and The Junior Lawyers’ Handbook and is a dancer and fitness instructor with a significant social media following.

Popular Talks by Eloise Skinner

Finding purpose

Eloise is trained as an existential therapist (a therapeutic approach to finding meaning and purpose), and has extensive experience delivering sessions on navigating individual and corporate purpose. Eloise can lead sessions helping individual employees to find a sense of purpose, or lead management in sessions focused on corporate purpose and values.

Social mobility, diversity & inclusion

Eloise has over a decade of experience in the social mobility, diversity & inclusion space, including experience working for charities such as Young Women’s Trust, Bridging The Gap and Oxfam. Eloise sits on the youth board of the UK’s national social mobility charity, and can speak on the importance of social mobility within the workplace, as well as introduce some practical ways to improve diversity & inclusion initiatives.

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