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Extreme athlete who ran along The Great Wall of China

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Specialist Subjects

  • Motivation
  • Courage
  • Change
  • Adventurer


  • English


David Grier, chef by trade, adventurer by passion has pushed himself to explore the limits of the human mind and body.

An extreme global journey of 20-000 km, 10 years of searching for personal change in order to deliver a meaningful contribution to the South African story.


“I believe that change on its own is not enough unless one also feels an inherent sense of hope for the future that this process will bring. I have found that hope comes in the form of a reward when there has been significant change. There is also a bigger picture – the context we live in – which is influenced by us all and the attitudes and changes we make, however small”.


Over the past 9 years the journey has taken David Grier pushing the mind and body to the limit in completing the following events, (most recently returning from a fact finding trip into North Korea to set up a new adventure challenge):

– Man vs beast an 800 km race against 3 horses Namibia to Cape Town – 800 km
– Guantanamo bay on the tip of Cuba to the North eastern point – 1500 km
– run from John O’ Groats to Lands End down the UK – 2 300 km,
– run from South to North Up Ireland – 600 km
– run of Hadrian’s wall in one day – 122 km
– run from the most northern temple in Kashmir India to the most southern – 4008 km
– Paddled from Africa to Madagascar – 500 km
-ran Madagascar south to North – 2000 km
-ran coastline of South Africa – 3300 km
– ran Great wall of China – 4200 km


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