Chris Parry – Keynote Speaker

Former head of future scenario planning and forecasting at the Royal Navy

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Specialist Subjects

  • Future Trends
  • Leadership
  • Scenario Planning


  • English


Chris Parry has an international reputation for his penetrating analysis and stimulating articulation of a wide range of geopolitical, strategic and technological themes.

He is one of the UK’s top strategic thinkers and forecasters, whose assessments about the future have consistently proved accurate and are considered amongst the best in the field by governments, the City, the academic world and a variety of national and international institutions. His most recent venues – at universities, major multi-national companies and financial institutions, in the UK, the US, Europe and elsewhere – have also included the US Congress, the UK Houses of Parliament, the French Senat, numerous City and industrial firms and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

During an earlier career in the Royal Navy, he saw front-line service all over the world, including operations in Northern Ireland, the Gulf and the Falklands War in 1982, where he was decorated for the rescue of 16 SAS troopers and the aircrew of two crashed helicopters from Fortuna Glacier during a hurricane and the detection and disabling of the Argentinian submarine Santa FE. He subsequently commanded a destroyer, an assault ship and an amphibious task group, as well as undertaking five major policy and development appointments in the UK Ministry of Defence. As a Rear Admiral, he was responsible for ‘blue skies’ strategic thinking and the future conceptual and technological development of all three Services out to 2035.

Today, Chris Parry runs his own strategic forecasting company and is an active author and academic. With a doctorate in Psychology and History, he presents regularly on future trends, strategic leadership and risk, as well as disruptive technology and organisational and human-machine age psychology.

For each event, Chris Parry produces a precisely tailored, entertaining and original presentation, in line with the particular requirements and expectations of his audience, containing leading-edge themes and insights gained from ground-breaking cross-disciplinary research, rigorous analysis and his own extensive experience. His talks are designed to challenge conventional thinking, stimulate innovative approaches and offer inspiration and pragmatic solutions in today’s and tomorrow’s complex world.

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