Chris Goodall – Keynote Speaker

Writer, commentator, investor, consultant in energy and climate change

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Specialist Subjects

  • Energy Technologies
  • Renewable Energy
  • Carbon Reduction
  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change


  • English


Chris Goodall is the author of several successful books and writer for Guardian Environment Network and other energy websites, such as Abundance and The Ecologist. His latest book, The Switch, covers the unstoppable rise of solar power.

Additionally, he runs Carbon Commentary and its weekly newsletter, covering topics across the energy technology and finance around the world and Solar Forecast, giving a uniquely accurate forecast of UK solar power output over the next five days.

Goodall’s expertise lies in the global approaches to low carbon energy generation, low carbon heat, electric cars and battery storage as well as carbon capture and geoengineering.

Goodall is a strong believer in research and supports that the world can now become a world of low fossil fuel use but reasonable prosperity for all. He is an optimist about the energy future.

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