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Internationally Recognised Women’s advocate, Former Miss United Kingdom, British-Swiss Public Health Physician

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Specialist Subjects

  • Health
  • Covid
  • Innovation - Digital Health
  • Finance - Venture Capital
  • Feminism – Importance of Diversity


  • English


Dr Carina Tyrrell is an internationally recognised women’s advocate and former Miss United Kingdom who is a British-Swiss public health physician and a research scientist fellow at Cambridge University. Carina recently featured on the front page of The Times – talking about her work leading on COVID-19 antibody detection, COVID-19 management in intensive care, and identifying COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic trials with Oxford University.

Carina has worked with local and national government and international organisations such as the World Health Organization, where she authored international policy documents and published work on emerging respiratory viruses. As an Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Venture Advisor for healthcare focused venture capital firms and an ex-founder, Carina’s work is driving the translation of technology into healthcare systems and the use of digital health technologies.

Carina Tyrrell graduated from Cambridge University with a first class degree in medicine and a Master of Public Health with distinction. She has appeared on BBC News, ITV News, Sky News, Radio 4, and has been featured in The Times, Daily Telegraph, and Business Insider.

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Public and global health issues, health research (longitudinal studies, remote population monitoring, public-private partnerships), infectious diseases (bacteria, parasites, viruses – experience in Rwanda, Brazil, Ghana, India), NHS (front-line experience, governance, junior doctor contracts, encouraging innovation among clinicians, antimicrobial resistance), health policy, health data (data protection, data sharing, disease surveillance, international collaborations), outbreak response (WHO work, integrating research into outbreak response, surveillance, influenza and adaptation of protocols following COVID)


Management of beds in intensive care units/rationing by age/comorbidities/etc, mental health effects on children and young people, mental health effects on carers and healthcare workers, pre-symptomatic COVID, use of digital bio-markers to detect COVID prior to symptoms, novel device for COVID antibody detection, antibody monitoring, effect of circuit breakers/effectiveness of lockdowns, modelling disease progression/R rate/hospital capacity, global review of vaccine and drug trials against COVID, importance of global research collaboration.

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