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Founder, The Courage Crusade

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  • Courage Drives Change
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Courageous Curiosity


  • English


When Billy Anderson was 5 years old his mom heard him crying in his room. She asked what was wrong and he replied, “You’re born, you live for a while, then you die. What’s the point?” He has spent the rest of his life figuring it out.

The secret lies in building courage in order to step out of our comfort zone regularly, allowing us to have a bigger impact and feel fulfillment in the process. Billy now builds more courageous leaders and organizations as an international speaker, executive leadership coach, and author of the book “Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You,”

Previously, he was an advertising manager in Europe and Canada, a fundraising director for UNICEF, an apple picker in New Zealand and a sugar cane farmer in Costa Rica. He also spent 10 years leading wilderness adventure trips for Outward Bound.

Billy Anderson continually steps out of his comfort zone in order to grow his courage “muscle.” He has jumped out of an airplane exactly 101 times. He has traveled to over 40 countries, including running with the bulls in Spain and swimming with sharks in South America. Billy has led humanitarian projects building an aqueduct in Central America and a school on a tiny island in the South Pacific ocean.

His personal fundraising projects include walking 120 miles in the middle of the Canadian winter to raise money for kids with cancer and carrying a canoe 26 miles to send needy kids to summer camp.

And he’s scared of the exact same things as everyone else: failure, looking stupid, and not being liked.

Popular Talks by Billy Anderson

Courage Drives Change

Why is Courage needed?  Why is it so hard?  How can we make it easier starting today?

Courageous Conversations

Why are they needed?  Why are they so hard?  How can we make them easier starting today?

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