Bart McEnroe – Keynote Speaker

Consultant and Coach specialized in the concept of Human Givens, which promotes emotional intelligence and clear thinking needed in challenging times

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Specialist Subjects

  • How to promote emotional health and clear thinking
  • How to cultivate intelligent performance in challenging times


  • English


Bart Mc Enroe works with people and organisations to achieve results by creating new understanding. Using the Humans Givens approach, he helps people to reach their full potential by understanding what is important to focus on and how to do things differently to increase performance.


The Humans Givens idea is that by meeting our physical and emotional needs, we can survive and develop as individuals and a species. The human givens are the benchmark position to which we must all refer — in education, mental and physical health and the way we organise and run our lives. When all are needs are met and in balance, we are more likely to be mentally healthy and stable.


By using this approach, Bart McEnroe is able to help people to focus on their needs for improvement, and when people experience a new understanding, they are able to change and do things differently to get needs met. These new understandings can be applied to key areas such as: Fine tuning of Leadership and Management, Role clarity and team contribution priority, Facilitating a living strategy, Communication with information and Maximising the human resource. When people deepen their understanding of the science of human nature and learn how to effectively apply these new discoveries and knowledge in their work situation and private lives, this helps to develop awareness and liberate people to reach their full potential.


Bart McEnroe also specialises in coaching coaches and managers in sport, helping them understand motivation and performance and business coaching using x. Bart has also contributed to the Human Givens journal. Previously, Bart has been a Working Capital Reduction Consultant with multi-nationals both in the UK and the USA. He holds a science degree and an MBA.

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