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Futurologist, geopolitical, environmental & social strategist

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Specialist Subjects

  • Automation & fast tracking
  • The smarter data dilemma
  • Privacy, Surveillance & legislation
  • Social trends & new economic models
  • Adapting and rejuvenating cities
  • Smarter innovation & monetization models
  • Jolting technologies
  • Geopolitical, environmental and social trends and their impacts



  • English


Over the course of several years, Aric Dromi helped executives and decision makers refine their offer and understand the potential impacts that lay along the road ahead. His ability to identify patterns and challenge them, along with his ability to use this skill to define new directions and experiments, are two of Aric’s strengths.

Aric, who has a long career in choice architecture and systems design, innovation and futurology, believes that our world is on the cusp of seismic changes that society, business, and policymakers are not prepared for. He believes strongly in humanity’s ability to adapt and overcome, and thinks that technology has come to define, rather than serve, us. He is striving to change this equation by working towards a more resilient societal model that enables a free market and a future for our children. Furthermore, he does this by providing strategic advice to organizations, executives, policymakers, cities, and governments.

Aric Dromi is the Founder and CEO of TEMPUS.MOTU GROUP, a breakthrough Advisory board as a Service platform. Helping executives and organizations to better understand the coming challenges and broaden their view of what is possible in the future.

The phrase “survival of the fittest” does not necessarily mean being the fastest or the strongest, but rather being fit, agile, and adjusted to your specific environment and time. This is as true for the individual as it is for business, government, city, and society.

Since the invention of the axe, technology has been the force that paved the way for better and smarter social constructs. From Watt’s steam engine in 1775, to sewage systems, elevators, and shipping containers, to screens, smartphones, processing power, and machine-learning, it is technology’s impact which helps us remove barriers and build new horizons. It’s the one functions that never stops: it continually reinvents itself and defines new potentials. Over the past few years, there has been a wave of new technologies that has engulfed our world. Artificial intelligence, robotics, genomics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, terotechnology, augmented and virtual reality are enabling businesses, consumers, and governments to re-examine and re-purpose every aspect of our social and financial interactions in real-time.

From Digital Twins to the cities we live in; from mobility, energy, and communication to new economic models – the ideas which form the basis of future societal and economic models must be anchored in new processes of thinking.

Aric Dromi’s keynotes, workshops, closed meetings and one-on-one dialogues are designed to offer strategic advice on various levels to organizations and executives. This includes supporting critical missions and addressing the strategic challenges facing authorities and commercial organizations.

His approach is intended to provoke you to better understand your pain-points, and designed to help you ideate, THINK, and more importantly ACT differently. By providing you with the insights and intelligence you need to move forward, while strengthening your resilience and enhancing sustainability across the organization and on an individual level.

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Automation & fast tracking

Technology, process and human behaviours: how will automation and fast tracking impact business and society?

The smarter data dilemma

The evolution of data driven Intelligent logistics, mobility, energy, communication.

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