Anna Gurun – Keynote Speaker

Associate Director at HSM Advisory, Future of Work Advisor

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Future of Work
  • Hybrid Working
  • The Future of HR
  • Inclusion & Diversity (I&D)
  • The 100-year Life and Generations at Work
  • The Collaboration Imperative


  • English


Dr. Anna Gurun is speaker and consultant on the future of work, with experience speaking at in-company events and international conferences.

Anna directs the world’s leading Future of Work by HSM, which has brought more than 100 multinationals together over 13 years to explore what work will look like in the years ahead, and what individuals, organisations and institutions must do now to prepare.

Anna’s academic background focused on social movements, exploring how people use social networks and connections to instigate change. This has continued in her work with organisations, where  she has developed expertise in marrying theory and practical action – taking abstract concepts but exploring how they work in practice, how they are perceived, and how institutions can take steps to build and develop them.

Popular Talks by Anna Gurun

The Future of Work

We are overwhelmed with information about the many forces influencing our organisations and our careers, but what are the trends we really need to monitor? Anna shares the key trends that will shape the future of work – from technological advances to demographic trends –  translating them into the practical implications for organisations and individuals.

Hybrid Working

As organisations start to re-design the ways they work, what are the pitfalls and opportunities that need to be kept in mind? Anna explore how to be purposeful and intentional in this re-design, looking at productivity, networks and individual differences amongst others.

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