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Specialist Subjects

  • The Cognitive Gymnasium – Welcome to the future of work
  • Intelligent leadership – From factory to living organism
  • Govzilla: What if governments were intelligent?
  • HR/People
  • Leadership
  • Future of talent
  • Cognitive Management in the Workforce
  • Importance of Data Capital
  • Customer Value
  • Transformation
  • The Digital Age
  • Disruption
  • Innovation


  • English


Ade McCormack is the founder of the Intelligent Leadership Hub. He has been described as an ‘inspiring slap in the face’ and ‘delightfully bracing’.

His presentations make the case for change in an increasingly disrupted world. His message is one of hope for both people and the planet. He weaves in disciplines, including evolutionary biology, neuroscience, anthropology and performance science. He introduces new lenses through which to view the future, including, super resilience, cognitive athletes, synthetic certainty and the cognitive gymnasium.

Ade is the person to engage if you want to make the case for radical change and you want to achieve that by getting the best rather than the most from your people.

Ade is a former technologist who today advises leaders on transformational matters. He is a former Financial Times columnist and has lectured at MIT Sloan on leadership matters.
Now he works with Cambridge University on leadership development and worked in over 40 countries across the world.

Ade McCormack has written six books on leadership and transformation.

Popular Talks by Ade McCormack

The Cognitive Gymnasium – Welcome to the future of work

In this session, participants will discover:
– That intelligent organisations focus on getting the ‘best’, rather than the ‘most’ from their people.
– That we are now living in a post-career and post-skills world.
– How to turn their workplaces into cognitive gyms, where cognitive athletes go to work out with other high performers.
– That to be an effective leader today, they need to be a cognitive coach.

Intelligent leadership – From factory to living organism

In this session, participants will discover:
– Why most organisations today are ill-equipped to deal with increasing disruption.
– Why intelligence, both natural and artificial, is critical to their organisation’s ability to thrive.
– The existential risks associated with focusing on processes and avoiding failure.
– How by mimicking living organisms, it is possible to build highly adaptive organisations optimised for the ‘infinite game’.
– Why focusing on assets, rather than profit, is the way forward.

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