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“Our colleagues, speakers and advisers are continually moving around the world. Reducing our own environmental impact is a small action London Speaker Bureau can easily do to help the planet and its population. Companies, such as ours, must take responsibility for their impact on the world.

- Tom Kenyon-Slaney - CEO & Founder

19089 Trees In our forest
22 Months Of Climate Impact
1824 Tons of Carbon Reduction

Our Journey to Carbon Positivity

It all began in 2016, when we committed to our initial carbon neutral goal.

Since then, our involvement in global sustainability projects has grown substantially, resulting in a carbon positive status in 2021.

This determination, to play a small part in battling climate change, is demonstrated in our most recent goal; our promise to plant 1 million trees. It is hugely rewarding for LSB to witness the impact these projects have made on both communities and ecosystems worldwide.

So, follow along our journey and see what we do next...

2016 Offset all LSB run events
2017 Offset all speakers' travel
2018 Offset all LSB staff's travel
2019 Offset all of LSB's global offices
2020 LSB Totally Carbon Neutral
2021 LSB Became Carbon Positive
2022 Million Tree Pledge
2023 Stay tuned...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil

Rmdlt Portel - Para REDD Project

The Amazon is home to 10% of all species on earth and is constantly facing the threat of deforestation due to logging, squatting and attempts to implement pastures. This project focuses on managing and protecting the land, turning it into a “private conservation reserve”.


By protecting the land, it promotes biodiversity conservation. The Para REDD zone projects protect numerous critically endangered mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. Our forests play a huge part in carbon capturing as they convert CO2 into oxygen. By protecting them from being destroyed, we increase the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere.
Jobs are created in forest management and biodiversity monitoring for local community members.

Forest protection in Northern Zimbabwe

Historically, large parts of Zimbabwe were covered by forests with abundant and diverse wildlife. As a richly biodiverse country featuring seven terrestrial eco-regions, 12.5% of the total land area of Zimbabwe is protected within its many National Parks, sanctuaries, and botanical gardens.


The Kariba REDD+ Project protects almost 785,000 hectares of forests and wildlife on the southern shores of Lake Kariba, near the Zimbabwe-Zambia border. One of the largest registered REDD+ projects by area, it acts as a giant biodiversity corridor that connects four national parks and eight safari reserves, protecting an expansive forest and numerous vulnerable and endangered species – including the African elephant, lion, hippopotamus and southern ground hornbill.

Turning waste biogas into electricity in Thailand

All production processes generate waste in some form. The production processes at distilleries generate large amounts of wastewater containing a high concentration of organic waste, which – when left untreated in open lagoons – leads to potent greenhouse gases like methane being released into the atmosphere. Because of the climate impact of these emissions from organic waste, it is vital to ensure the treatment of as much waste as possible, to minimise the potential for output of harmful greenhouse gases when the waste decomposes.


This innovative project mitigates greenhouse gas emissions caused by the decomposition of wastewater from the Thai San Miguel Liquor (TSML) distillery in Bangkok, by capturing biogas from wastewater and converting it to electricity in newly-installed engines. The process uses methane digesters – by installing a digester between the exiting sump pit and the lagoons, the wastewater is treated, with the subsequent captured methane used as biogas for electricity production.

The purpose of carbon offsetting is to balance out our emissions by paying towards emission saving projects around the world while supporting local communities, with our dedicated partners: Million Tree Pledge and Ecologi

What our speakers
Think about our mission

This is so cool, love what you're doing

Scott Bedbury
Former Nike Advertising Director

Having seen the Earth from space and how fragile and thin our atmosphere really is, I appreciate this effort to preserve this wonderful planet.

Garrett Reisman
Former NASA Astronaut

This is wonderful!

Sheena Iyenger
Business Professor at Columbia Business School